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Estate Sales

     Items of Value, Inc. sells items on a consignment basis.  One way of selling is by on-site estate sales.  We average over 30 sales a year and have been conducting sales since 1978.  These sales sometimes combine items from several consignors if space permits.  We also sell items on-line, including Ebay as well as this website.  We advertise our sales through "". 

     We sell collections of items. For example, we sold 1,300 autographs through Ebay over a 7-month period.  This sale netted our client over $72,000.  We sold 122 antique gold coins by creating an inventory with asking prices then discounting 10% per week until all were sold.  This sale netted the client $21,000.  We chose the same method to sell 64 pieces of fine jewelry.  

     If you would like to receive announcements of our sales, you may sign up here. 

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