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Items of Value, Inc. does appraisal work for individuals, businesses, organizations, and insurance companies. Our services are regularly sought by private individuals, estate guardians/executors, federal agencies, corporations, and insurance agents/adjusters.


We are qualified to furnish six types of appraisals based on clients’ needs: replacement value, fair market value, liquidation value, selling/buying price ranges, and residual value in conjuction with damage/restoration costs. These include appraisals for the following:


(a) insurance coverage -- Current Replacement Value to insure against loss  or damage

(b) estate planning or settlement -- Fair Market Value for equitable division, distribution, or sale of estate items upon death, divorce, or legal action

(c) donations/gifts -- Fair Market Value for charitable donations, personal gifting, prizes awarded by TV shows and other contests

(d) liquidation -- Bankruptcy/Liquidation Value for forced sales due to bankruptcy, property confiscation, or litigation

(e) selling/buying -- Suggested Selling Ranges plus target selling prices based on knowledge of current market values for each item

(f) damage -- Cost To Repair plus Permanent Loss of Value for damaged or lost items following moving, storage, vandalism, or natural catastrophe

(g) authentication and valuation -- confirmation of authenticity, assessment of extent and quality of repair/restoration, determination of value prior to purchase, sale, damage or pledging property for collateralized loans



Charges for appraising are figured at $224 per hour, charged in quarter-hour increments. We charge for actual work time, which includes work done on site plus research/compilation time off site. We will be happy to quote an estimated total charge prior to beginning work so our clients will know and can anticipate total charges.


Photography is charged at $1.00 per photograph for 35mm color photographs, printed as 4” x 6”; higher charge for larger sizes. We also shoot digital photographs; charge provided upon request.


Travel time is charged at $90 per hour, charged in quarter-hour increments. Long distance travel is charged at $90 per hour plus expenses, including rental car, plane, lodging, and meals. We will provide a written estimate of all such anticipated expenses upon request.


Court appearance and testimony for litigation is charged at two rates: $300 per hour or any fraction thereof for courtroom testimony, while time spent working with attorneys/clients or sitting at the courthouse is charged at $180 per hour. Court appearances and/or testimony must be paid on the same day as they occur if not prepaid. For bankruptcy cases, payment must be in cash.



Payment is to be made on the same day the on-site work is performed, unless we have agreed to an invoiced payment plan. We accept cash or check. We also accept VISA/Master Card with a 5% surcharge. We do not furnish completed appraisal work until all charges have been paid or unless a “Promise to Pay” statement has been filled out, signed, and received.


Deadlines should be made known to us before work is engaged. We will either pledge to meet the client deadline or decline to perform the work so that we will not be late for our clients.


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