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Estate Sales


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Appraisal School

Beginning Fall 2024 we will offer an online appraisal school consisting of two course programs. One program will prepare people to become qualified appraisers. The second course program will teach people how to identify items. 


"Items of Value provides exceptional estate sales that are clean and fairly priced. Staff are polite and very helpful. Delightful experience!"

                                                    -- Pam Goldman

"Thank you so much for your detailed appraisal of the letter from Dwight Eisenhower...greatly appreciated by the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene."                     

                                                   -- Dinah Rogers

"Thank you so very much for handling sale. You did a fabulous job!  How you did it, I'll never know.  Your kindness, courtesy, and professionalism will always be remembered."                                                            -- Joanie Furall

"I interviewed 8 estate sale firms to sell the contents of our large home in Great Falls, selecting Items of Value because they answered my many questions better than the others. I found them most professional, conducting an excellent sale on site, then removing the remainder for sale elsewhere. They also did an excellent cleanup after the sale."   

                                                      -- Larry Alleva

"Your appraisal of the primary source material I used in writing the book "Howard Hughes and His Flying Boat" was most thorough, most professional, and accepted by the IRS for a sizable charitable donation tax writeoff."                 

                                                   -- Charles Barton

"I have shopped Items of Value for over a decade. They are the best in the business! Jerry's depth of knowledge, easy style, professionalism and quick wit is infectious, making it a joy to shop. Pricing is fair. My home is filled with special treasures from their many sales."                                                                                                          -- Delba Riddick

"Jerry is well informed, honest and knows what will sell. He and his staff create wonderful displays which often highlight items that are for sale. He is a pleasure to work with!"

                                                        -- Elaine Ligelis

"Jerry has much knowledge in appraising items of  all kinds. He displays items well in a home setting and makes the whole process of needing to get rid of things easier on a family. We enjoyed working with him and recommend him highly. "

                                      -- Carlotta Pyrek

"Jerome Ford at Items of Value was very helpful in valuing my mother's estate at two properties. His work was very professional, efficient, and accurate."

                                          -- Donna Walker James

"I have attended some of his estate sales and feel he priced fairly. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. "

                                                  -- Barbara Gatorian

"Jerry runs a great Estate Sale. Would recommend for great organization and value."

                                       -- Mark Goldman

"Items of Value recreated the 6 inch missing top piece of an antique French armoire that I own. Looking at it, you cannot tell that it is not original. The design, color, and finish match the rest perfectly."

                                                         -- Richard Moss

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