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Edison Wax Cylinders (24qty)  -- #20240315D

Edison Wax Cylinders (24qty) -- #20240315D


$324 for the entire lot.  Will sell indiviually by request.


Note the following titles: 

Wachtach Rhein (Band);  Flannigans St. Patrick's Day (Porter);  Kimmble March;  The Golden Wedding;  Memories of Home (Irish Trio);  Hands Across the Sea (March);  In the Wildwood Where the Bluebells Grow (Harlan & Stanley);  Sonoma (Irish Trio);  Is There Any Room in Heaven For a Girl Like Me (H. Anthony);  Vocal Violin Imitation (Edith Helena);  Fanella (Band);  When Roll in Called the Yander (Quartet);  Pride of the Prairie (B. Murray);  Happy Till I Die (Harlan & Porter);  Ring Out The Bells For Christmas (Band);  Hornpipe Medley (Violin);  Ida - Ho (B. Murray);  Changed in the Woods (Piano solo);  Shoulder Arms March (Band);  Red Wing (Song);  Nelley Gray (Clarinet);  Regimental Bride March (Band);  Two Little Bull Yankees (Polka);  Peter Piper (Xylophone);  Wedding Bells (James & Frener);  Song of the Mermaid (Irish Trio).  There is a total of 23 in good condition, plus one ("Song of the Mermaid") that is chipped on one end.  Patent dates range from 1892 to 1907.





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